How do you get the most value for your marketing budget?  As the economy changes, what’s the best way to reach your audience?  and how much is it going to cost? Should you take advantage of viral video ? Can video add excitement to static pages on your website and hold the attention of your audience ? Absolutely .


If you need to communicate to a large audience in your department, company or even globally, producing a video can reach folks immediately or when they have time to get the message.

Here’s a piece I produced with GotVoice Inc., a mobile technology company operating here in Seattle. They wanted a marketing video for their customers that showed the advantages of their flagship service.

Plus, you can make your message available the way they want it, by offering a media file for their PC, PDA, or streaming to their desktop. You’ll get the word out and look good doing it.

I’ll even show you how to get the best results with your video content on YouTube.